Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Days Leading Up

Those last few days prior to surgery flew by, but at the same time drug on for what felt like forever! I wasn't even close to being ready to have a sub come into my classroom. I had a lot to get done and the stress I was feeling was unbelievable. I had a surprise all day meeting pop up on the 20th. I had planned to get much of my things together that day while the students did their seat work. In stead I spent 2 hours Monday night preparing sub plans for Tuesday. The meetings themselves were OK, but by the time 1:00pm came around I had she a bad headache I had to leave and go home straight to bed. So that meant another evening I was going to lose due to this damn thing. Wednesday came around and I really felt stressed out. I was supposed to start my leave the next day and I had very little done. I found an extra long "educational" video for my class to watch as a "celebration" for Mrs. R being gone next few weeks. Luckily we also had specialities and music scheduled that afternoon too. I worked hard and go much of the plans thyself written and organized. I knew I would have to come back later to finish up, but for the first time in a long time I actually left work feeling productive. I need up having to go back for another 4-5 hours to make copies and organize it all, but I finished and was in bed by 1:00am to start my "break" free of school worries!
Thursday was booked full of appts and I was so glad it was. I kept my mind occupied and away from all the worries of surgery. My brother, DA and his wife V, came and spent the day with us. V cut all my hair off and colored it so that when I looked in the mirror after surgery I would at least see some cute hair in the front. J and I went to Tucanos for lunch and just enjoyed each others company for a few hours. The food was amazing and I didn't want to leave! I already want to go back and devour me some more beef!!! DA and V took my 4yr old M with them so he could pend the week at my sister's house. I had a really hard time saying goodbye. I didn't want to let him go cuz that meant I really was having this surgery done. The rest of the day was spent doing laundry, making beds and organizing the house. My mom arrived that evening and we watched a movie with the kids. J and I even went to Walmart to waste time at 9:00pm. We got me some comfy clothes and and then just wasted time looking at things. We knew sleep wasn't going to come easy, but we decided we better try and get some because we knew 4:45am was going to come way early! Believe it or not I slept really well once I actually was able to achieve it.


  1. Hi, Lori directed me to your Blog, I'm a BLM and also found out recently I will be facing Chiari surgery in the next few months.Looking for anyone who's been there.

  2. PS: My name is Sara Morgan ... you can find me on facebook @

  3. Hi,

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