Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Story

I was hit head-on last March just 4 days after having my last baby by an 18 year old who was texting. He ran a stop sign, grazed the front end of a truck who had proceeded into the intersection. I was driving and saw it all in slow motion. I began to pray that he would stop before hitting my truck. Unfortunately he hit my truck on the front driver's side , came around hit the back of the driver's side and preceded on about 15ft before coming to a complete stop. I took most of the impact, but my mom, newborn and 9yr were also in the truck. We all had to be transported to the hospital via ambulance to be evaluated. I suffered pretty bad whip lash and a wedged vertebrae in my T Spine. My body was not in any place to be in an accident after just having had a baby. It was bad! I immediately started intensive Chiropractic care 4 times a week with a weekly massage for the next 8 months. My symptoms improved pretty quickly, but it was like I hit a certain point in my treatment/recovery and I just didn't improve anymore. If I ever missed an appointment I was in tons of pain and basically I didn't function. After not improving any further I was referred to a neurosurgeon in my area. On January 19th I had my first appointment with Dr. G. At that time I had only had an MRI of my lower back done. He looked at the films and said that I needed to have my lumbar region fused because the accident had also herniated my L4/L5 disc. He asked if I was having any other symptoms and I told him about my horrible head and neck pain. He decided it would be a good idea to have a full MRI done of my spine. He figured that I had herniated a disc or 2 in my neck and that I would need to have them fused also. I was having other symptoms that are typical of a Chiari, but at the time I had no idea it could all be related, so I didn't even mention them to the surgeon. It was then that my life would change forever......

I went in on Feb. 2nd for my MRI. I was there for 3 hours and it was some of the longest and most painful moments of my life! I was given the films immediately, but the radiologist had gone home for the day, so I had to wait for the report until Friday. Friday came and went, so finally on Monday I went in and they handed me 4 pages of results that stated in black and white that I WAS NOT CRAZY!!! A 1cm Chiari had been found on my cervical MRI. Most people would have seen the word tonsils (crebellar tonsils) and thought it had something to do with their throat. I had a feeling that it was more than just that so I visited Mr. Google. Holy cow was I freaking out by the time I finished reading the first site I clicked on. My brain was no longer in my head!!! I still was not sure how or why it happened, but having my brain hanging out the bottom of my head couldn't be good. I immediately called the NS's office, but they were closed. I then thought of Dr. Ned my chiropractor. He is always in his office later. He answered immediately and tried to explain things to me the best he could. I LOVE Dr. Ned!!! He said we finally had the missing piece to our puzzle and all my symptoms fit perfectly! The next morning I called Dr. G's office and spoke to his nurse. I asked that I speak to someone asap!. Matt his PA called me a few hours later, but unfortunately was of no help. In fact I felt even more frustrated than I had before he called. I would have to wait a whole week and a half before I could see Dr. G in person. That week ended up being 3 weeks due to him having an emergency. Talk about an excruciating wait! But the day finally arrived and surgery was scheduled. I was not as impressed this this appointment as I was with my first, but I have been told that Dr. G is one of the best, so I can look past the bedside manner.

Once Dr. G determined that surgery was necessary to correct the issues with my back my lawyer told me I could no longer continue receiving chiropractic care or massage therapy. Insurances will not pay for treatments if they can't "cure" you. They don't care if the treatments are keeping you functioning until another treatment works. You get to just suffer until. These treatments were the only things that kept me functioning! I have deteriorated pretty steadily and many days are spent in bed sleeping or trying to find a position that lets me be somewhat comfortable.

I have missed out on so much of my life this past year. Most days I am unable to pick my baby up or if i do I have to grit my teeth and just take the pain. I feel like I have just missed out on life in general this past year all because some stupid kid couldn't stay off his phone and pay attention to his driving. I will never have to memories I missed out on making back. My baby will be 1 this Friday and I can't just ask for a do over. What I have missed, I have missed and I have had to learn to deal with that. This new life has not been one I would wish for, but I do make the best of it that I can. On day I hope I can look back on it all and say it was worth it or even better say I am cured!!!

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