Monday, March 19, 2012

Finally some good days!

After my visit to the ER I decided that I needed a few days off from work to just rest. I took both Thursday and Friday off and I am so thankful I did! Thursday was spent just laying in bed and catching up on the lost sleep from the night before. Friday I wasn't as lucky, but I did try to take it easy. We had planned a combined birthday party months ago for M & B knowing I would need back surgery in April. I knew I wouldn't be able to do much for a few months after the surgery and I really wanted to have some fun beforehand. A birthday party for the kids sounded like the perfect excuse. We called a good friend who is a DJ to play for us. His only free weekend before my surgery date was March 17, so we took it! You should know my husband is Mexican and Mexicans just don't know how to have small parties. You either go big or don't go at all...LOL. It was just a few weeks after we set the date that I received my Chiari diagnosis and Surgery would be moved up to March 23rd (note that is just 1 week post party...eeek!!!) We all figured things would stay stable until the surgery, so we decided to go ahead with the party. I never thought in a Million Years that I would go downhill so quickly in just a month's time or I would never have tried to take on the daunting task of planning a party this big. However, with that said I sure am glad we did it! I had tons of help and believe it or not I wasn't even stressed. I love to plan parties and so we always have to go all out, but this time I had the mindset of whatever got done got done. As long as we had food, music and cake the party would be perfect! It was a rainbow theme and I had a blast making 2 6 layered rainbow cakes, decorations, and planning out the amazing menu. Our close family and friends really stepped up and did a lot of the physical parts for me. We had about 200 guests show up and from the looks of it they all had a great time. I wasn't able to dance or roam abound too much, but I had fun just watching my kids play. Even if it was only for 1 day I felt "normal" My aches and pains where being kept under a 5 on the pain scale by meds. It truly felt like I was back the good old days before my accident (other than the pain part of course.)

When I woke up Sunday I was back to my new normal self. The pain was back full force and I wasn't able to get out of bed. It took every ounce of energy I had to even go to the bathroom. Do I regret the fact we had the party? HELL NO!!! My husband and kids deserved to have the fun. All they have seen for over a year now is a sick/pain ridden person who has replaced their once fun filled wife and mother. I so wish I could go back to the day the accident occurred and change it all. I want to be myself again....... I just pray that this surgery will do that for me!!!

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